Card Junkies

If you love greeting cards the way that I do, chances are you’re a card junkie. We can’t resist a rack of cards, no matter that we already have a box or drawer full that we haven’t sent because no one is worthy of the really good ones. Some of mine are so old the paper is yellowing and the price on the back is a dead give away timeline. I have even moved them with me from house to house. So let me challenge all of you card junkies with this dare. Purge by sending them all. Just say ‘thinking of you’ to a friend, a soldier, a long lost roommate. Make someone’s day. Then you can start refilling your empty stash box with new great cards. And here’s a tip. When I find a card I really love, I buy three. Then at least I’ll send a couple!

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2 Responses to Card Junkies

  1. I’ll take your challenge . . . looking forward to sending cards and buying more, too!

  2. Jeannine Kenney says:

    I lived in FredVegas for many years and loved Visual Treats — my go-to place for great cards (I, too, am a card packrat) and gifts. Sadly, I moved about 6 years ago. Now living in Philadelphia, I was so happy and surprised to find Joni’s cards at Paper Source in downtown Philly. Thrilled to learn Joni is still at it and apparently expanding! Found the best card ever for my mom’s next birthday (Dottie’s lap dance)!

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