Chapter One

A couple of weeks ago a young gal came into my shop and looked around in wonder at all of the crazy stuff for sale. Wide-eyed, she asked me”How did you start this business?”. I waved my hand in dismiss and told her, “oh,you don’t really want to know” but then it dawned on me, maybe she really did . So welcome to the Vis Treats blog- chapter one.

It started with birthday cards. Like most art school grads I waited tables for years. In the late 1980′s I worked in a restaurant with a tight group of pals and we made a big fuss over our birthdays.We celebrated into the wee hours after closing time with champagne and our favorite cakes. My budget was slim and the birthday parties were getting closer and closer together so I put some creative energy to use and started making custom cards for each co-worker. Using snapshots and funny found materials like matchbook covers, canned goods labels and food photos from vintage cookbooks I glued together collages. Treasured as keepsakes, I began replacing the glue with sewing to preserve their future. After repeated cries of “You should sell these” I put on my girl scout cookie salesman hat and approached the owners of the card shop in my neighborhood. My sales technique was something like, “You don’t want to buy these do you?” and viola! I was in business.

Fast forward 20 years and I’m proud to report that first store is still my customer and some of my best friends are from my days at that restaurant. But it was years before I quit waiting tables!

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