Good Help

Anyone who complains that you can’t get good help these days has never met mine. If you think you can do it all yourself, you’re wrong. Over the years I have been incredibly blessed with some of the smartest and most talented helpers on the planet. Currently, Heidi is my creative genius. She has more ability in her pinky toe than in any ten fingers of mine. And makes it all look effortless. Donna is my wolf in sheep’s clothing. She doesn’t even want you to know how talented she is and will hide from any compliment or credit for her work. Jen is like having a movie star around the place. She dresses up the joint with her serene beauty and gracious charm. In addition, all are mind readers. They know what I need before I can think to ask. And are ever patient with my tantrums, quirks, and complete slobbery. Can’t neglect to mention the web guru, Chris. Able to interpret my secret language of ‘Joan-ese’, a crazy jibber jabber of talk that he somehow translates into website pixie dust and magic. So now I’ve confessed. I don’t do it all. And I’m warning you, if you’re looking for good help, stay away from mine!

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