Your Tax Dollars at Work

So it’s tax season again and as any self employed person knows that means time to get the checkbook. And I’m not talking about a deposit slip. Years ago a tax accountant gave me some great advice. If you’re feeling resentful about paying a chunk of your income into empty calories for the tax man, go to the library where you’ll find your tax dollars hard at work. Everything there is free- because you already paid for it! I’m not smart and neither is my phone, so I ask the reference librarians all kinds of questions. They can always find what I’m looking for, from that thing I heard about on NPR to the names of all seven of Snow White’s dwarves. They really ought to put out a tip jar. So plan a trip to the library, and while you’re there be sure to visit my latest artwork. It’s hanging in the atrium gallery at the England Run branch until the end of March.

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