Outsider Art Fair

Hey! Cute husband-n-me took a fast and furious up and back trip to NYC last weekend to see my favorite show on the planet, The Outsider Art Fair. The location moves around a bit but this year it was held in Chelsea. We arrived via train mid afternoon on Friday and headed straight to the Metropolitan Pavilion for a looksee. The show did not disappoint. My favorites were by the fabu French artist Girard Cambon. Amazing and humbling. Plus, he happened to be in the booth at the time so we got to do a little chatty thing where I acted like a fan girl and he blushed. And speaking of fans, Whoopi Goldberg and Talking Heads David Byrne are also outsider art collectors and both celebs swanned past us in the crowd. So we got to scratch ‘famous people sightings’ off of the NYC to do list. One word of advice for the 2020 show. GO.


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