Yard Sale

 Yard sales start waaaaaay too early for this bird. Plus, I’d sworn them off forever after the last one. But when a neighbor suggested we join in since our entire street was participating, it was too tempting to refuse. Plus, it’s an excellent excuse to thin out some of the strays and leftover supplies from past projects and never-got-off-the-ground ideas. Trying to explain my pack rat tendencies, the studio and its contents and what all WASn’t for $ale was a challenge. In a few instances, I just gave up and sold them whatever it was that they wanted. Ripped out pages in that book you bought? Sorrrry. After all was said and done, cute husband has gone back to his former ‘never again’ attitude and it IS always easier to just have a bonfire. But I’m already starting another pile of leftovers for someday. Next time, I’m charging $5 a box with a ‘fill it up with whatever you want’ rule. That’ll work!

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