I Don’t Bake

Just to be clear, I don’t bake. Whenever I am asked to bring a dish and a dessert is suggested, I wonder ‘why am I being punished?’. I can burn the bottoms of a full sheet pan of cookies simply by shutting the oven door and turning my back for less than a minute. But what are you to do with a rock hard day old WHOLE FOODS baguette that someone forgot and left in its paper bag sleeve in the car over night? Bread pudding. Bread pudding is the homemade soup equivalent of baked goods. You don’t need a ‘real’ recipe to make either one. With the 3 ingredient basics of milk, eggs, and sugar, all you need to do is add stale bread and toss in some handfuls of other tasty bits. No need to measure and whatever sounds good IS good. Today my version was a mushy banana, a few sticky leftover prunes, 3 beat up peaches, and the aforementioned stick of bread chainsawed into slices. Left it all to soak for a short while, plopped it into the oven and ignored it. It’s like recycling in a way. The way I see it, bread pudding is the baked goods version of a collage. Because that’s my thang, reinvention. But just to be clear, I don’t bake….oxoxoxo!!



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