I Don’t Bake

Just to be clear, I don’t bake. Whenever I am asked to bring a dish and a dessert is suggested, I wonder ‘why am I being punished?’. I can burn the bottoms of a full sheet pan of cookies simply by shutting the oven door and turning my back for less than a minute. But what are you to do with a rock hard day old WHOLE FOODS baguette that someone forgot and left in its paper bag sleeve in the car over night? Bread pudding. Bread pudding is the homemade soup equivalent of baked goods. You don’t need a ‘real’ recipe to make either one. With the 3 ingredient basics of milk, eggs, and sugar, all you need to do is add stale bread and toss in some handfuls of other tasty bits. No need to measure and whatever sounds good IS good. Today my version was a mushy banana, a few sticky leftover prunes, 3 beat up peaches, and the aforementioned stick of bread chainsawed into slices. Left it all to soak for a short while, plopped it into the oven and ignored it. It’s like recycling in a way. The way I see it, bread pudding is the baked goods version of a collage. Because that’s my thang, reinvention. But just to be clear, I don’t bake….oxoxoxo!!



Yard Sale

 Yard sales start waaaaaay too early for this bird. Plus, I’d sworn them off forever after the last one. But when a neighbor suggested we join in since our entire street was participating, it was too tempting to refuse. Plus, it’s an excellent excuse to thin out some of the strays and leftover supplies from past projects and never-got-off-the-ground ideas. Trying to explain my pack rat tendencies, the studio and its contents and what all WASn’t for $ale was a challenge. In a few instances, I just gave up and sold them whatever it was that they wanted. Ripped out pages in that book you bought? Sorrrry. After all was said and done, cute husband has gone back to his former ‘never again’ attitude and it IS always easier to just have a bonfire. But I’m already starting another pile of leftovers for someday. Next time, I’m charging $5 a box with a ‘fill it up with whatever you want’ rule. That’ll work!

Quirky Pop Up Trunk Show

Could not have had a better time at my Quirk Gallery trunk show! Perfect weather and non stop pop ins by long time Richmond, VA pals as well as a couple of local yokels that drove down from Fredericksburg to show some hometown love and support. Everyone loaded up on Mother’s Day cards-n-gifts which was flattering. Plenty to see at Quirk Gallery & Hotel any day of the week but it was a real pleasure to be in the mix of the artwork on view by Aggie Zed, Sami Cronk and Ana Rendich. Plus, there was a wedding party on the roof deck so we got to watch and admire gaggles of gorgeous guests as they arrived thru the hotel lobby all afternoon. Trunk shows rock.

The ‘Girls’.

Settling into the middle seat on the plane for the flight to Florida, my window seat mate asked if I was traveling for business or pleasure. “Oh, for FUN!” I answered. “I’m going on a girl’s trip with my friends-since-5th-grade posse”. He looked stunned, then admitted that he didn’t have ANY friends from that long ago, much less a posse. Really? How sad that sounds. There’s no friend like an old friend and I’ve got a habit of hanging onto people. It’s a special comfort that comes along with friends that shared your childhood, remember your family (especially the ones that you’re missing), played in your backyard and can nod along with all of your stories. Getting together is our fountain of youth. When we gather it’s non stop talking, laughing, and joy. We’ll be ‘girls’ to each other forever, even if the lovely server that took this photo in the restaurant called us ‘ladies’.

Trunk Show A GoGo

For a membership card carrying introvert, putting myself out there for a day full of people can be a stress festival. But a recent Valentine Trunk Show at Sheppard Street Antiques in my nearby college town of Richmond, VA was a truly  delightful day. Shop owner Sara Garza rolled out the welcome mat with a beeeeyoutiful photo filled pre show email to her mailing list. I worked my crowd with  a full week of social media shout outs. As a happy result the store was a non stop crabpot all day. It’s always fun for me to hear buyers comments and to have the chance to test drive new card styles. Listening to their shrieks of laughter tells me I’ve hit a home run. Trunk Shows might just be my new favorite way to spend a Saturday. It’s kind of like getting a paycheck to throw a party!