One of a Kind

The french have a word for it, ‘bricolage’ – something put together using whatever materials happen to be available.

These framed plexiglass shadow box collages are the other side of my ‘production artwork’ brain. Little stories told with found objects that were just made for each other, they’re full of word play and silliness and are expressions of good humor meant to cause smiles. Like minded magpies understand my addiction to hunt and gather. These collages provide an endless excuse to search flea markets and and dumpster dive for buried treasure.

*Prices and shipping charges for these artworks available upon request. Please contact us to discuss options and availability.





In a big bang burst of creativity, here are the Totems. Each one of a kind trophy is a collection of small odd things that just seem to belong together.
You can visit the ever changing Totem assortment in the Etsy shop.