The Moth


Joni Ulman Lewis, Winner, The Moth StorytellingI’m a big fan of The Moth and listen to the show each week on NPR. So I was very excited to travel to Washington, DC to actually *see* a live show. We found a parking space in front of the theater but we’d need to pop out to feed the parking meter. I stopped to ask the nice man at the Moth swag table if there would be an intermission. When he offered me his pen to fill out the application to tell a story, I declined, saying no, I only planned to listen. But he said, “oh c’mon, don’t you have a story about ‘education’?”. And suddenly I thought of the perfect story, took a chance and put my name in the hat.

The Moth


Photo credit: The Moth and Photographer Daniel Trill Boken

After winning the Washington DC StorySLAM I was invited to compete against nine other winners in a Moth GrandSLAM on the stage of the Lincoln Theatre. That night’s theme was ‘Crash Course’. Enjoy!



Valentine 2020 Trunk Show


Saturday February 8th
1126 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23230