Studio Snapshots


Studio SnapshotsWe’re always busy sewing stacks of greeting cards and scarves. Here are some quick looks at what’s on the worktable.


Custom Wedding Invitation

Party Invites

We were honored to be included in the party planning with these invitations to a Texas rehearsal dinner and with custom cards for a birthday boy. All dressed up for the postman in matching map envelopes.

Custom Sweater

Sweater w/Flowers

A favorite cashmere sweater became a one of a kind treasure. No one needs to know these blooms cover a moth’s snack.

Party Dress Bag

Heirloom Swag Bag

This custom order project transformed our client’s favorite red carpet party dress into heirloom jewelry swag bags for 18 of her friends and relations. A lovely way to share!

Custom Denims


Let us rescue your favorite denims with custom vintage trims and tender repair. Trust that we’ll do them proud and return them reinvented for more shared adventures. Contact us for a price quote.

Custom Pillow


This portrait pillow made from cashmere and denim was hand sewn for childhood majorette Donna who is still leading the parade with a smile and a twirl.

Custom Valentine Sweater, Cards

Assorted Valentine

This smart bragging sweater from 1965 was embroidered with the names of Nana Adaline’s grandchildren. Our client wanted to share the love with her 14 cousins, so we reinvented the sweater into fragrant lavender filled sachets. And a custom Valentine to show off the before and after results.


We love the challenge of custom orders! Send us your great ideas for our next project.